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Projet:Summary of weekly radio talk-show « Emission Club de la Presse: "Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru "

Activité:Talk show ″Urubugarw'itangazamakuru″ (Club de la presse)


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The cabinet on Monday, January 18, imposed another lockdown on City of Kigali and tough restrictions on the rest of the country in a bid to gain a handle on a spike in Covid-19 infections.

Health authorities say the capital accounts for over 60 per cent of confirmed cases since New Year’s Day. Among the specific measures in the City of Kigali, movement is prohibited outside homes, except for essential movements including shopping for food and seeking medical care. However, transportation and delivery of essential goods to and within Kigali is permitted. Supermarkets and other businesses that deal in groceries and other essential products will also remain operational albeit under strict measures.

“Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru” (Club de la  Presse)  talk show of this Sunday 31-01-2021 broadcasted in synergy by ten radio stations across the country and a Television (TV Isango star) focused on “The impact of Covid-19 on the private sector, in particular traders in the City of Kigali ”.

The guests:


2. Teddy KABERUKA / Analyst

3. Jean Baptiste KAREGEYA / Journalist

The guests pointed out that since Covid -19 outbreaks in Rwanda; the economic crisis has been devastating, affecting the private, commercial and social sectors in citizens’ daily lives.

The invitees from the Ministry of Trade and Commerce (MINICOM) said that the government, after realizing the impact, tried to close the gap by setting up a fund to meet the needs of the private sector in the hospitality sector, the private sector and small businesses but there are still obstacles to meet the requirements including losses where private sector records 50%

He added that for small businesses there has been a problem of not being able to claim their losses because most of their businesses are unregistered.

The Analysts strongly criticized the government for abandoning small businesses, focusing on big business and give them money  instead of considering the small businesses  which gives job to many people and helps them survive because they are the ones who are most affected.

They argued that private sector funding should not only be money but also think of other ways to help the private sector, such as tax cuts, request to banks to facilitate loans to borrowers, reduce housing rents and more to help people, urging the government to intervene in the interest of the citizens

The audience especially private sector, has expressed its dissatisfaction with the way the government is abandoning the private sector, saying that it is not understandable how the government  can dare to say that small businesses are not registered while they  pay taxes and other charges and no one can have a business in Rwanda without a permission from local authorities

They said that the prevention of Covid19 should be respected but also linked to work because people cannot put effort in preventing covid-19 and forget that they are starving.

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