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Projet: Talk show club de la presse "Urubuga rw'itangazamakuru"

Activité:Summary of weekly radio talk-show « Emission Club de la Presse: "Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru "


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The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has scheduled local leaders’ election to 6 February – 2 March 2021, while the current elected local leaders including mayors, vice mayors and grassroots leaders will end their term in office a week earlier. 

“The biggest elections will be for Mayors and vice mayors, they will be elected on 2nd March, after the council of women, the council of disabled people and council of youth, all on the district and country-level will also be elected that very day.

“Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru” (Club de la Presse) of this Sunday 03-01-2021 broadcasted in synergy by ten radio stations across the country and a Television (TV Isango star) focused on“ The highlights of the ending term of local leaders”


  2. Evariste MURWANASHYAKA/Analyst
  3. Jean Baptiste KAREGEYA/Journalist

PS Minaloc: Talking about leaders who concluded their term said that they have done a lot, especially in social, development and economic life of citizens, he points out that ll people have been helped to get out of poverty through various government programs such as Ubudehe, Girinka, and VUP etc.

New schools have been built during this term in the districts, roads, shelters, water supply to the people etc. . . .

He showed that showed good cooperation with members of the district executive committee and its councilors, saying that they all put the interests of the people first.

Jean Baptiste Karegeya, on the other hand, pointed out that not much has been done because the first indication is that out of 27 mayors, only two (Gakenke and Nyaruguru) have concluded their term while others have been dismissed, indicating that they have left a lot of problems including the health centers which are not operational, the district Councils have shown little strength because they have not been able to advocate for  citizens on land tax issues, unresolved debt and injustice issues and SACCO funds have not been recovered

Mr. Evariste criticized the way in which the leaders are elected where both the district council and the executive committee are appointed by other so-called elected bodies, and the problem of the Council is that it is led by local staff who work in the district and do not have the capacity to criticize the Executive Committee.

The audience reaction was that district council should be an independent board so that they may be able to criticize the executive committee.

“The biggest problem we face as counselors, managed by the District, is that they first call us and tell us what to say and respond. We have absolutely no freedom. I feel the advisers should be people who are not below the District Executive committee control. It really breaks us”. Testimony from one district council vias SMS.

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