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Projet: Talk show club de la presse "Urubuga rw'itangazamakuru"

Activité:Summary of weekly radio talk-show « Emission Club de la Presse: "Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru "


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The talk show “Urubuga rw'Itangazamakuru” (Club de la Presse) of this 12th January, 2020 in synergy by ten radios and 1 Television (TV Isango star) focused on “How performance contracts "IMIHIGO" should be the foundation for improving the living conditions of Rwandan citizens? "

Performance contracts (“IMIHIGO”) is a system that had been launched in 2006 by the the government of Rwanda and is at the basis of the sustainable economy of the country especially based citizen participation in responding to their daily problems.

Imihigo starts with the family, family members commit to achieving specific targets for the family.

Last year’s declarations of Imihigo have been delayed. President Kagame informed his government that he was concerned Imihigo was increasingly becoming less centered on the stated needs of the ordinary people.

He directed the entire government from top to bottom, to rethink their approach, before declaring Imihigo 2020.

Key question in the talk show were:

- After the performance contracts were redirected to district mayors for review last year, what are the expected results?

- What should be the content of performance contracts drawn up jointly by the authorities and citizens? What are the challenges?

The invitees:




The invitee from MINALOC said that Imihigo were redirected so that leadres may consult ordinary citizens at village level and set goals together according to the needs of residents.

 The invitees Marie Immaculée INGABIRE and Godfrey KABERA said that with IMIHIGO the country has achieved remarkable change because this IMIHIGO system is built to meet the requirements of the planning of the country and its vision.

However, they said that there is still improvement needed in implementation of imihigo.  Ingabire said that t citizens do not understand well the process because they write just for showing leaders that they have goals which are not achieved at the end.

Audience participated in the show through messages and phone calls. Some appreciate their authorities for having done well while explaining that they really started to collaborate with the citizens in planning and execution of Imihigo. 

They also addressed the challenge of communications between authorities and citizens where some local leaders do not want to work as a team with the citizens, they just think and plan by themselves and this has a bad impact on IMIHIGO.

“None of our sector goal have been approved at district level, it seems like we participate in vain. At least leaders should come back to us and explain why so that we may not be disappointed!”

The conclusion was that there should be improvement in implementation of imihigo especially in communication and team work between leaders and citizens.


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