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IPGL in partnership with ARJ organised a retreat of Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru Partners. The retreat took place at Lemigo Hotel on 29th October 2020. The participants of the retreat were talk show presenters, focal points, media, managers, representative of audience, IPGL and ARJ as well.

The objective of this retreat was to evaluate the impact of the talk show, find out approaches to excel the performance of Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru talk show; and discuss on further collaboration of stakeholders to enable the smooth implementation of the project.

The 30 retreat participants were media managers, presenters, focal points, representative of audience and representative of invitees as well.

The participants discussed on the previous phase and highlighted the impact of the project, challenges faces and recommendations for next phase. Some of recommendations from Talk show partners:

  • Set up strategy to deal with challenging speakers in order to ensure relevant information are provided;
  • Look at possibility to increase the frequency of airing the talk show in order to be benefited by citizens who missed the first show airing;
  • Host radios to communicate feedback from their listeners by forwarding them to the main station;
  • The choice of speakers should be focused on to avoid having most of the time same guest speakers;
  • The show should reach more people beyond the main centers;
  • Look at how media house hosting “Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru” focus on the program to ensure it is broadcasted timely;
  • Increase visibility of the show by posting the theme/title of the talk show to various platform;
  • Focal points to ensure the show is well synchronized;
  • Need to establish feedback sessions to hear from listeners the impact created by the show in community;
  • Ensure vox pop are from different corners of society: men and women, urban and countryside, educated and non-educated, etc…;
  • Decentralize the show by mixing central speakers with grassroots level ones;
  •  Conduct awareness campaign on the access to information law at the decentralized level