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Projet: Talk show club de la presse "Urubuga rw'itangazamakuru"

Activité:Summary of weekly radio talk-show « Emission Club de la Presse: "Urubuga rw’Itangazamakuru "


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The talk show “Urubuga rw'Itangazamakuru” (Club de la Presse) of this 5th January, 2020 in synergy by ten radios and 1 Television (TV Isango star) focused on “Management and distribution of fertilizers and seeds to farmers”

In 2019, Rwandan farmers decried challenges in distribution of seeds and fertilizers where they address the issue is of delay of seeds that are even sometimes substandard. 

In August, farmers had planted soya on over 50 hectares in Huye District which failed to yield were appealing for compensation.

In November 2019, maize farmers in Rugende marshland in Kigali city also counted losses due to the seeds that failed to yield.

Irish potato farmers and professional seed multipliers are crying foul over some individuals locally known as ‘Abamamyi’ who masquerade as multipliers and distribute fake seeds which leads to low yield.

Key question in the talk show were:

- What justifies the delay in farmers' access to fertilizers and improved seeds? What is the solution?

- Is the distribution of fertilizers and improved seeds a response to the national land consolidation policy for increasing crop production?


Egide Gatari: in charge of fertilizers and seeds distribution at Rwanda Agriculture Board

Gatari said that the government is doing its best to facilitate farmers to have sufficient quality crops as it is the national policy of land consolidation for increasing crop production.

Citizens through phone calls raised issues saying that besides substandard seeds given to some farmers, seeds multipliers are also still few.

“Even though it is said that in some areas there is a seed multiplier in every sector, in some instances up to three sectors share one seed multiplier. Considering that seeds multipliers are still few and not close to farmers, we spend extra cost on transport to reach the agro-inputs,” Said one farmer from Kirehe district

One Kilogramme of NPK fertilizers, if subsidized, is Rwf615, a Kilogramme of DAP is Rwf511 while UREA is Rwf410.

 “If you add transport cost, the farmers count losses and are unable to recover what they invested. This requires t increase seeds multipliers to be able to respond to farmers complaints and get appropriate seeds on time,” He added

Gatari from RAB said that the issue of delaying distribution of seeds to farmers exists but he said that starting with the current agricultural season 2020A, the intensity of the issue going down.

He added that there will be production of seeds locally by multipliers who in turn sell the seeds to farmers close to them to avoid further delay.

Concerning the issue of substandard seeds, he explained that there are a few cases.

“It can happen. But we urge farmers to check and return the seeds to us if the issue happens. It will also help to hold accountable the producers, distributors and importers and maybe compensate farmers.




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